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Mar 2016
Sweet kisses
From beyond
What my eyes can see
I hear her voice
In my spare
Time & space
And when I
Look up at the sky
I can’t help
But see her face,
People asking
Where’s my minds at
But all I can tell them
Is where my minds been
I’m trying
Not to float off
In the wind
Building up
A empire
From nothing but
Love & **** stems,
And I don’t even smoke
Like once did
My sanity is too questionable..
And if I’m not
What’s best for you
Then I don’t want
What’s left of you
Cause life
Won’t be the same
I’ll spend days
On end
Trying not to wreck
My brain
But at least
You can’t drive me insane
I’m already off the deep end
Missing the days
When I was
Just a kid
Off an assortment of drugs
Living life
For more than
Just kisses & hugs
And if I put it
In her mouth she’d
Swallow me like I was her drugs,
Before the love
I knew nothing
But darkness
So much
Within myself
And I used drugs
As a temporary fix
But I could never escape my mind..
Floating through time
Tears in my moms eyes
Cause she realized
That I’d
Lost my mind,
I wish I could tell you
Where I lost it
But when
Your in such a deep dark pit
That you start
To see shadow men
You give up
The search of
Trying to find it..
And what’s crazy is
That I’m back again
The young Rager
In the flesh
Looking for a substance
To drown in
Cause life weighs you down
When your destined
For the crown
But your so far down
That you
Have to look up
Just to see the ground,
Your the saddest
You’ve ever been
And nothing
Can save you
This time kid..
So wear your Vans
And grow your hair
Find strength
In your sadness
Or you’ll
Never go anywhere
Written By ; C.R.R.
Written: 3/27/16 @ 3:59am
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
   Irving MacPherson, jia and SPT
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