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Apr 2016
and it was truly a mystery,
the way she held it all together
she was so unpredictable
the type to give you butterflies
no, stronger.
heavy rope knots in the pit of your stomach
an uneasy feeling that you somehow became addicted to.
she always left you breathless
at first you questioned it
is it worth it?
but when you made her laugh, she'd light up like no other
she'd glow like the rare full moon
a sight everyone went out to see
almost making you believe in the fiction known as werewolves
oh, she could lure them all without even trying.
she'd yell at you for starring at her
but when you closed your eyes she's all you could see
and you desired to see nothing else.
when she grabbed you and spun you around
she was the only thing in focus
the only thing you were sure of.
you no longer felt the need to look at the sky each night
because you already saw the stars gleam in her eyes.
she made you feel every emotion possible
but the one you felt strongest, she wasn't capable of.
she was so afraid, but never spoke of it
that's what hurts you the most.
she spewed hurtful, toxic words
but never enough to make you leave.
she couldn't fake the anger, it was too much.
she was like a puzzle you almost complete
only to realize there are missing pieces
and you just can't make out the image.
you lost your mind trying to figure out hers.
addicted to the feeling
the lingering presence of her
you couldn't get enough
and brought yourself over the edge.
unaware of the time that had passed
you opened your eyes to a dark room
and now all you're left with are the memories
on replay.
i'm new at this. excuse my poor formatting attempt and possibly unfitting title
Written by
sam  Illinois
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