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Mar 2016
There lives a man on my left arm
I call him Tiny Dan
He shouts aloud my inner thoughts
I'm not his biggest fan.

"Nice to see you, lovely neighbors",
I purred as I saw them.
"She hates your intruding", shouts Dan
From there the feud did stem.

"The food was lovely, compliments",
I beamed at snooty cook.
"Overpriced and salted mush!"
I'm now blacklisted in their book.

"I'm doing well, and how are you?"
I say to stranger walking past.
"She sobbed herself to sleep again",
My mask is wrenched away so fast.

"I don't need a hand, I'm capable",
I assert to world at large.
"She's so alone, feels sorrow true",
I'm no longer the one in charge.

The worst of course is my mirrored self,
"I'm happy with who I am".
Dan laughs out loud, snorts into glass,
"You've lost yourself, you're ******".

So Dan sits there, oh all day long
I can't rid him away.
The only thing I know to do
Is hide from world and me all day.

Tiny Dan, I beg you please don't stay.
Trying something different. A merry hippity hop down a rather dark alley.
Written by
S S  Australia
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