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Mar 2016
He's always there
I have no privacy.
My life is full of him
I'm never alone anymore
I cry from the headaches it gives me.
But losing him would be worse
I love him more then privacy.
I love him more than anything
What I don't get
Is why he loves me.
I look through his phone
I grab his ***
I always look ugly but he tells me I'm beautiful.
I'm a mess
And he loves me.
Maybe it's because I'm always there for him.
Maybe it's because when he's going through hard times
I always make sure he's taken care of.
I love him
And he loves me just the same.
And if we don't end up together
It'll be a waste of an amazing relationship
And years of my life
But i will never regret the effort
The love
The affection
The time
The money
And the care
That i gave him.
That will never be a waste.
Hayden Emily Rose Zhara
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