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Feb 2016
I thought I'd killed you
Haven't you done enough
Haven't you caused me to suffer enough?
I sliced my wrist for you
drew lines of blood across my chest
There will be faint scars that I will always
see as red
Because of you.
I collapsed the world for you.
Almost died for you.
For fifteen years I smothered myself
  So that you could live.
And then I killed you.
Sick as I was for having inhibitions on my happiness
just for you to survive
I said goodbye in the rain
Staring into the trees made out through the mist
You were gone
I made sure you were gone.
But here you are
back again to cause me pain.
Guised in the cloak of being a friend
You smile so kindly
but I know better.
I am not the girl you thought I was,
The girl you made me be.
I hate you!
I ******* hate you.
But I also love
I love you
You are a part of me.
Us in our duality
I wouldn't be here if not for you.
You wouldn't be here if not for me.
For having to support me
  In the world gone mad
I still hate you
hate that the pain I suffered under your hands
    is what brought me here.
Here at the crossroads where I must choose.

I hate you
But I love you
******* I love you.
You are a part of me
A crucial necessity of my identity.
I cannot survive without you
  without the memories of you.
       The memories of us.
All the times we flew
All the times we fell.
I know which path I must choose
The one to travel on without you.
But before we go
   Our separate ways
know that I love you
  that I won't forget you
Even in time as the voice we shared
  Deepens into my own
Even when I remove the tissue
   you grew on my chest
I won’t forget you.
You are a part of me
I love you
You are me
But I am no longer a part of
Written by
Zev  La Jolla, CA
(La Jolla, CA)   
   --- and Theia Gwen
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