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Feb 2016
I haven't written in a long time cause normally I write about how sad or upset I was. I haven't been sad in a while. Actually. But today I don't know how I feel. I don't know what tomrrow holds anymore. I don't know who or what or what makes me happy anymore. I've always liked being alone and maybe that's just the way God or whatever is out there wanted me to be. I mean is there always someone for everyone? How do you know ? You dont. Can people just love one human and be okay with that? Why put trust and love in someone if they don't put trust and love in you? How can you sleep and come home to someone and not be fully in love with them and when something new comes along and forget all you ever had with them? I didn't ask to be here but here I am and it kills me. I always thought if you were a good person good things happen to you. But here I am. And that's not true. Nothing is true. Love is just a made up word to please us. To make us feel something when there's nothing to feel at all.
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