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Dec 2011
Standing on the edge of despair
my life spiraling out of control
I call out to the one above
who knows me better than I know myself
Spiritually down I called to the upmost high
Asking the Lord for his grace and mercy
Drained I go bout my day my shoulders a lot lighter
already feeling burdens being lifted
Letting him do his will realizing I couldnt do it by myself
When I let go and let God
Things in my life started changing for the better
Things begin to make since again
Doors opened that I thought were closed to me
As I praised and gave thanks to the one who made it possible
I looked at my life and determined
the reason why things are the way they were
I had lost my way and my faith had waivered
Not doing the things I knew i needed to do
with out prayer and work I was allowing the devil
to dictate my life with chaos and confusion
Leaving destruction in my path
As I look back on my life recognizing all the miracles
and things that he had his hand in
Reconfirming that God can do all things.
Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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