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Dec 2011
last night i dreamt
a tooth of mine (maxillary canine)
could simply slip in & out of
of­ten at times of
great personal inconvenience:
interviewing for a job...
making kitchen counter love to a gorgeous new woman (it fell out & down t'ween her *******/O horror!)
during a presentation in ancient architecture on Ghulguleh, Afg.
-- poor Ghulguleh destroyed by Genghis, wreathed in flame!
(truly i come undone/as did that ancient city!)

found myself thinking
"this is no blessing!
what purpose does creating a horrid gap
between incisor & canine serve but to repel?"

when awake it became clear
i shall never understand my own mind.
might add more to this (doesn't quite feel done) but for now up it goes.
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
   victoria, Day and Makiya
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