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Dec 2011
She is a Flower.
Not as pretty or as loved
As the fairytale Rose.
Nor as ugly or avoided
As the invasive Dandilion.
Yet, she is not as average
As the Daisy or the Tulip.

She is brilliantly subtle.
Unlike the Rose, who's achievements
And beauty have been boasted for ages.
Nor the Dandilions, who have nothing
But false promises to offer.
Yet, still unlike the Daisies and Tulips,
Who offer only fake love and false beauty.

She is a solitary friend.
Whereas the obnoxious Rose chooses only
Those who fit the likes of itself.
And the Dandilion only attracts those
Who are not annoyed by its attitude.
Even still, there are those affected by the Daisy's lies,
And the Tulips, who do little behind masks.

She surrounds herself with the Dandilions,
To make up for her ability to be a Rose,
But inability to care.
The Tulips and Daisies learn to outshine
The presence that has always glowed within.
She grows in shadows,
Struggling for light,
And nobody notices the jewel of the flower that she is.
Because the Roses, and the Dandilions, and the Tulips
Grow like weeds around her
So she loses sight of what she could be.

She is a Flower.
A dying species.
Love her, nuture her, and help her to grow.
There are only a few that will ever know
What she looks like
When she blooms.

Be one.
Tins Nox
Written by
Tins Nox  Neverland
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