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Jan 2016
Could have done better
But the dealer had it stacked
Little bit better
But it's done
And it's been packed
I've been searching for someone
True, like me she's blue  
I'm telling all my friends
This song, it's for you
Bad draw
I've seen it in my dreams
Bad draw
Wasn't luck that brought me greed
Bad draw
It was cousin's kissing dream
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Bad draw
I was licking something special
Before I was a teen
It seem like it would last forever
But that was just a dream
My baby wore a different card
She'd always been a tease
And why am I here
In the middle
Stuck inside this scene
Bad draw
You've seen it on T.V.
Bad draw
It's been in every magazine
Bad draw
Yea, she was a tease
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Bad draw
Her night gown teased me
Like a soap star on T.V.
She could go from vamp to *****
In a minute minus three
When I fell upon her
I fell down on my knees
I guess I should have known then
Of her power over me
I was never once a man
When she was fifty-three
Yet, the guilt still hangs upon my soul
And she's still my prettiest girl
Still my prettiest girl
Could have done better
Bet the dealer had it stacked  
Little bit better
Now it's done
And it's been packed
I always wondered what it'd be
To live a life that's free
So, now I'm telling all my friends
So they can finally see
It was a bad draw
I was losing it for me
Bad draw
Yea, It could have been a dream
Bad draw
Blood lust beyond your dreams
Bad, bad, bad, bad
Bad draw
David Ehrgott
Written by
David Ehrgott  EVERYWHERE!
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