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Jan 2016
I know she's beautiful you don't have to keep telling me, but why are you telling me Im your girlfriend. You don't understand how that makes me feel its jealousy and hatred for myself mixed. I hate myself Im sorry I cant be more like her. No matter how much I try her memory will always be in the back of your mind. Your never going to forget are you? Im trying to mend your broken heart but you wont allow me to help you. I want you to just focus on me, but you cant forget her. When you say you love me do u mean it? If your just going to play games please exit out of my life you don't understand how I feel your always trying to make me mad and say its hot but its annoying and i will end up leaving.............Please just love me like your supposed to
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   Michael L, Merccybennz and ---
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