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Nov 2011
I want people to know
That we don't have to fight each other
We don't have to fight ourselves
That we don't have to suffer
That it's possible for us all to live in peace
We would rather justify war
It seems like it's really hard for people
To think of what life would be like
If we weren't constantly at war
Or fighting
Or hating
Or somehow condemning someone else
Well it's those people who are causing the problems
It's those people that need to be dealt with
If it weren't for those people over there
There wouldn't be any problems to begin with
Do you see those people over there
What right do they have to be here
Taking up our space
Taking up our land
That's for us and us alone
We have to get them before they get us
We have to keep ourselves constantly ready
Constantly waiting
For someone to attack
To destroy our way of life
To upset the status quo
That we have established today
I think we need to be willing
To change the status quo sometimes
Because the status quo as it is
Is just not working
As long as we continue to feel hate
And we feel like we need to be at war
And we need to hurt other people
To propagate the status quo
We will never be able to live in peace
And know what it means
To live in a world without war
Ahmad Cox
Written by
Ahmad Cox
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