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Dec 2015

The day he lost her to a fallen world
He promised to be satisfied with life
His love came from above abundantly
Commissioned to give back put others first

One day the Sturm und Drang hit city streets
He viewed upon his high apartment floor
Then after business hours his neighbors parked
He witnessed many soaked from pouring rain

Instinctively he grabbed umbrella case
He pulled it from the scabbard to withdraw
His saber in right hand, ran down the stairs
Now opened sheltered fabric for the folks

The people parked now waited one by one
Because the gent had hurried them inside
He got the last one in so safe and dry
The people clapped, bade β€œthanks, umbrella man”


Weeks later:

He heard the honking horn across the street
A straggler struggles out of vehicle
Looks like a neighbor, hadn't seen before
He gets her out of pouring rain, she smiles

This man who was as masculine as can be
Had felt his legs go weak; her pretty face
She saw his handsome face, aglow; proclaimed -
β€œAm pleased to meet our famed Umbrella Man”


Sturm und Drang:  noun -  turmoil, storm and stress, violent disturbance and disorder
This is in Blank Verse.  Iambic Pentameter without rhyme.  If you can read the poem to the beat of Iamb it's a much better read:   da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM ---------each syllable  unstressed/STRESSED.     I hope you enjoy the journey of The Umbrella Man and his ultimate blessing, or prize, depending on how one looks at it.     Thomas
Written by
Thomas  Texas
   ---, mark cleavenger and ryn
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