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Dec 2015
12 am, white summer night
Abandoned playground, warm Coors Light
I say, "I'm so nervous, let's play like this
Have some fun on the swings or slide."

You say, "Are you not ready? I've already
wasted too much time."

I guess it's funny, telling lies
Because I liked you and you liked to be liked
He gave me catnip at **** price
The ******* ******! I thought
Everything was alright

He said, "Don't get older, don't get cruel"
Like he had the power to
**** his ***** ***, that's not cool
But I got a bottle and a few

Sneak out or play nice
My basement is less entertaining
Than walking the night
Sneak out or play nice
You can try to follow me out if you'd like
Sneak out or play nice
I went with my best friend the first two times
Sneak out or play nice

I'm embarrassed to say we never felt quite like those nights again
It must be something that flees as soon as it's missed
using colloquial terminology because that's how i think and talk
Irina Ever-Wailing
Written by
Irina Ever-Wailing  23/F
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