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Nov 2015
The shrink told his nurse
'I must go home---I've something on my mind'
'What's worrying you Doctor?'
His reply: 'I left my alter ego behind'

The shrink said to his patient
'Let me put on my glove before I shake your hand--please excuse me'
The latter asked: ' Is there something wrong with me?'
The good doctor replied: ' Oh no, it's just that I suffer from OCD'.


The shrink said to his nurse
'   I am going on leave---working too hard I think'
'To America, Europe or Asia?' she enquired
The boss replied: ' Oh no, I need to see a shrink'.

Patient to the shrink
' Doctor, are you Freudian, Jungian or Adlerian? '
Reply: ' I am not sure--those buggers
Are just as mad as I am--I really don't have an opinion'


The shrink could not marry
He was afraid of the female ***
He told his colleague
'  Last night, I dreamt a woman was chasing me with an axe!'
Written by
MS Lim  Melbourne, Australia
(Melbourne, Australia)   
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