Nov 2011

You don't feel my pain,
what a coincidence
because neither do I.

Hot tears caress my skin,
they roll off my chin and
glisten in the air in the split second that they find life
before they hit the floor.

They're followed by my heart,
my lifeless, yet still beating heart
that was forcefully torn out of my chest with your emotionless hands.

It's only when we were at our highest
that things start to fall
don't tell me you don't notice it.

Don't tell me you don't notice!

Nothing makes sense to me anymore,
why are you smiling when I'm in pain
we used to be one.

Reality is vague now,
everything is so dark.

Death is taking place in my soul
and I know in this moment, that it is imminent,
that's why it's okay, everything dies.


I guess time can only tell,
but it seems like I can't tell time
because I didn't see this coming.

Did you?

There was a point in time where we basked in each others similarities.
So I guess now it's only right for us to die in each others differences.

Written by
her  F
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