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Nov 2015
It’s being kept safe from harm. Being kept away from any physical danger or injury. Kept from bad company. Kept away from illness and misfortunes. From misdeeds and misgivings. To be safe and sound.

It’s being kept from hurt. Safe from emotional distress, from emotional pains and heartache. No more tears in your eyes from that. No more scars.

It’s being safe in His good graces. Safe in the strength of faith to hold on. The empowerment of one's own will to overcome hardships. It is the sureness to be able to overcome anything. It is a promise of goodness in life, in the hereafter and forever.

It’s being loved, and knowing it, feeling it. It’s being happy and content, with whatever you have. It’s knowing that you need not sigh of worry or regret or sadness. That the only sadness you have in life is entitled to you, instead of ones ****** upon you.

Safe is knowing love in the pureness of its meaning. It’s seeing the nakedness of the beauty of life. Safe is seeing that there are no two similar shades of colours in this world. Safe is knowing you can close your eyes wherever you are, and take in a deep breath, and tasting the air on your tongue, and feeling it fill your lungs, and not even worry about the beating of your own heart.

Safe is knowing that no matter how many times you've fallen, you get back up just the same. Safe is looking back at burdens, however heavy, and knowing that even they cannot bring you down. Safe is the helplessness you feel when you see just how vast the universe is. Safe is knowing that there is fear, but not one that can consume you. It is knowing that life is so much more than a set of rules or your own heart to follow. It is seeing how complex life is, and being able to forgive that complexity.

A safety that is not to be sought after but to be found. It is not a person, a thing, or a forever, but it is in small moments, that there is a true and absolute tranquility throughout your very being, from your very core, one that brings a smile to your lips instantly. That in that small moment, everything is so grand. Everything just falls into place. Everything is alright.

Safe is being hopeful. It is feeling hope.
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