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Nov 2015
Rows upon rows they stretch across this field
Each one so unique from its neighbor
And yet, you asked me to choose just one
My eyes bounced from each one
The tall ones, standing strong and mighty above the rest
The bright yellow ones, gleaming with beauty
I wandered and gazed at them all,
until there,
I didn't find it,
but it found me.
You asked me why that one, it was not the most elegant,
nor was it towering over the rest
And I said to you,
it just was.
It needed no explanation, no defense as to why.
And in that moment I realized,
love is the same.
It requires no justification,
no aspects tallied up that equal a winner.
There is no right or wrong, perfect or imperfect,
it just happens,
without your opinion or consent.
It doesn't have to make sense,
in fact,
it probably won't.
But it's in that confusing and jumbled mess,
that even though your head is uneasy with questions,
your heart will finally feel content.
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