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Oct 2015
i know i'm all explosion and no hands to hold but have you ever tasted fireworks burning down your throat have you ever set your blood on fire for the thrill the flammable the sheer life of it all have you ever traded your soul for a lighter have you ever

there are volcanoes in me where butterflies are fluttering within you and how can i say
i just want to run away
somewhere there is flame for skies
there is no cold to suffocate
shedding this emptiness like phoenix feathers
and old fears still igniting my skin

yet why is my heart only ash
aching to burst aflame
and yours
quiet little candlelight and slowly falling by the fireplace
i could never leave behind
you keep my hands so warm, all the anger
just seeps away into
feelings so soft there is gentleness dripping
fingertips like poetry
and words that quake and erupt when all i just want
to say is

i think i want you to stay
when the smoke is in your eyes
Written by
Sarah  Karakura Town, Japan
(Karakura Town, Japan)   
   kaylene- mary and Shel
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