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Oct 2015
Honestly i knew You were done with me. Honestly i don't think you ever cared. Honestly I know you never cared. Honestly i regret meeting you. Honestly you were a mistake. Honestly I was in love with you. Honestly I don't know why. Honestly I fell hard and you didn't bother to catch me. Honestly you were the reason for some of my scars. Honestly you were the worst thing in my life. Honestly you brought out the worst in me. Honestly you reason for leaving was stupid.. Honestly i hoped you wouldn't leave me. Honestly you were the best thing in my life. Honestly you brought out the best in me. Honestly i made some mistakes. Honestly you did too. Honestly you stopped my cutting allot. Honestly i don't know how i feel about you. cared the most. Honestly....I miss you
I wrote this in a fit or rage , and sadness. I re wrote it several times and this it the outcome. Its about my first love. And i feel so many emotions for him.
Autumn Noire
Written by
Autumn Noire  Washington
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