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Oct 2015
Im secretly in love, No one can know. When you tell me you love me make sure no one is around. Don't hold my hand when its daylight. Don't kiss him where everyone can see. I keep my feeling on how I feel about you on the inside, because I know that if I let it out it will cause a lot of trouble. When you look at me I feel like I'm going to die. When you tell me you love me I wonder If you really do mean it. I hate it when I'm about to go to sleep I roll over where you would be laying and your not there. I miss you so much when I cant see you. your so beautiful. I cant keep you off of my mind for nothing. I love when you call me beautiful or say you love me. I love the way you hold my hand in yours. I love the way you touch your lips to mine. I love how you don't care about others opinions.  I know you've been hurt, but I can make you forget. When I imagine our future together I see us growing old together. I'm going to be an awesome mom to our kids I promise. I cant wait till the day I can walk down the street with you holding your hand. I cant wait till the day when another girl looks at you and I can say this guy is mine. I cant wait till I spend the rest of my life with you. but for now its a secret.
so im with this guy hes almost 18 and my parents know but his doesnt cause his mom would turn him in
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   ---, Glass and ---
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