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Oct 2015
all your life people has been telling you not to talk to this person or that person but who knew the transgender girl was going to be your best friend. and she was going to be the only person that would stand up for you when you were a little kid god was your best friend you talked to him every night before you went to bed who knew you was going to grow up and wonder if he was real. when you were little you heard your parents say that gays or transgenders were going to hell but who knew you were going to grow up and be gay?? I guess my story started in 7th grade because I wanted to explore but I was scared because I knew that my parents would hate me who knew that know it doesn't even phase me when they say something about it because I am who I am you heard your parents yell and scream about gays or transgenders untill they were red in the face. they never gave them a chance they never put their selves in there position I looked up to my dad he was racist against black people and mexicans he hated gays and transgenders, thats how I grew up but I chose my lifestyle and I chose a diffrent path i accept everyone i remember when I was little their was a show on about transgenders i was six I was interested in it because I didnt understand so I had to sneak to watch it. what was the big deal if he wanted to be a girl it doest matter who you fall in love with. love is love
Im getting tired of my parents judging me for who I am I broke up with my ex boyfriend and went with my best friend everytime someone talk about gays my dad and mom critisizes automatically ignore th ecomments and be you do what you want not what they want:*
hannah elizabeth rea
Written by
hannah elizabeth rea  austin indiana
(austin indiana)   
   James M Vines and SPT
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