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Oct 2015
My entire life is fueled off of
The empty promises
"I promise this is a forever thing"
"I will never leave again"
"You will always be my baby girl
"I swear you're the only one"
And that's only a few of them
The list goes on and on
It surely doesn't help when my Daddy sometimes says,
"Try not to keep your hopes up
You'll just regret it in the end"

And then there goes my Mommy,
"I wish I'd never let you in
I truly don't want to see you,
Never again"

I mean,
I know my Daddy is a drunk
And my Momma's an addict too
But I really thought
For once that
Their love had broken through
I know everybody says
My parents will always care
But if I'm being honest
I just want them to be there
If not for me,
Then most certainly
For the siblings that I love
Because in my mind
There is a list and they are most certainly above
They're my little angels
No matter what bad they have done
I will always love them for being them
All four of them, not just one.
Glayz Welch
Written by
Glayz Welch  Oregon
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