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Oct 2015
I was wrong,
about you.
I'm sorry.
I thought you
were someone else.

and yet I should
have seen it coming.
The way you
put your arm
around me
but kept that smirk
on your lips.

Your laugh that
could have been so
easily misinterpreted,
was intended to do
just that.

Your words and games
had made me alive.
Your words and games
now make part of me
feel broken.

Why did you bother?
Tell me that.
Tell me what
your motives were.
I'm curious.

But still,
don't worry, dear,
all these are just words.
I'll get over you.
It's just that for now
all I can think about
is the fact that
I was wrong:
you didn't care.
From A Heart
Written by
From A Heart
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