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Oct 2011
Diamond dewdrops, silvery horse,
Untainted innocence stays its course.  
Topaz ring, rising sun,
Unchanging euphoria, can’t be undone.
Rose-quartz sunset, tender kiss,
Soft and sweet, untouched bliss.
Sapphire sky, reflection in rain,
Peaceful, majestic, free from pain.
Emerald eyes, sweetened lime,
Smooth and easy, not moved by time.
Ruby fruit, open heart,
Unchecked passion from the start.
Carnelian flower, flame burns brisk,
Wild and new, a daring risk.
Amethyst crystal, curtain drawn,
Beauty and tension reveal their brawn.
Obsidian stone, midnight’s scare,
Bitter-sweet, painful, almost despair.
Opal dream, colour-streaked dove,
Who can unravel the mysteries of love?
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