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Apr 2016
Have you had a dream that felt realer than reality itself?
Anything that you touched or touched you felt so surreal?
Somebody calls you, you may not know who but you hear it clear and true.
The steps we've taken in the paths of our lives are echoed in the realm where fears lie and all we can see is our own consciousness,
And the path I've followed 'til now would have kept me from falling so deep into this current darkness.
The darkness that is depression, the monster that stays throughout all, even our sleep.
A majority of people have seen this pitch-black inkling in some form,
And I believe it shouldn't be feared as it is but I've got no control over how bad things can get.
It would be silly to say "I'm okay" because that's a lie we hear every day -
But here I am, dying so slowly, but so surely that it's quite disturbing;
Being able to see yourself become nothing more than a hollow shell as you let it eat away at you.
So all we can do is sleep.
Try for dreams. Instead of nightmares.
Yet, no matter how hard we may try, there's always that thought of sleeping an eternity away.
*Sleep until you can't wake up.
For dreaming is your final stop
Corina La-Niece Shipp
Written by
Corina La-Niece Shipp  Birmingham
   Ariana Robinson
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