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Aug 2015
I used to dream of a warm embrace
Pulling me closer
Holding me in

Though perhaps i dreamed only of strength
Of how it feels
To remain safe, warm, and strong

Perhaps i dreamed of companionship
Never alone
Fears calmed by two beating hearts

Perhaps I dreamed only of what I shall never have
True love
Lasting all of time


I used to dream of you
Your embrace caring
Blissful in your words
Content in mutual affection
... Love

But dreaming is a curse
I no longer bear
That four lettered sin
Carved out my dream
With its false affection infliction

But consider this too

Perhaps I dreamed once
To escape the nightmares
To Escape fears as all men do
Perhaps I dreamed
To cling to hope
And in my darkness I dreamed of you.
I used to hope for a warm embrace
Holding me tighter
Pulling me in.
Written by
nicoarty  somewhere
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