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Aug 2015
Two words burn my mouth
Scorch my mind
Just as the thoughts in my head
Want to be said, But never will

Jealousy; A dragons rage
My treasure the keeper of my heart
He who holds my body
To a certain part
But it's you that he adores

You, little lion, lay close to his heart
Together you laugh
In you he trusts
I am nothing but for his lusts

I am not his girl friend
I'm his girl, You are his friend
He would not want me
We're he able to see you instead

So I am jealous you have his heart
When it is all I adore
But having one ounce of his love
His gaze from above
Is enough to keep my blood warm

Two words in my mouth
Burn like the seven Hells
Not Girl friend nor Best friend
But "I'm jealous' beneath my quill.
I have always been told jealousy is a trait unwanted and disgusting. But as much as I try, it will not leave me alone to enjoy happiness.
Written by
nicoarty  somewhere
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