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Sep 2011
I tried to forget,
I tried to run,
I left so far away
Just to forget,
But I can't,
Your memory stuck to my head
Like gum to a desk,
Just sitting there,
Getting filled with more pieces
Of time we spent
Of time we shared
Of memories lost
Of memories gained,
The good, the bad
The happy, and sad
These twisted memories
Of what we are?
Who we are?
But honestly were we anything?
Lost to a disenchanted sense of time,
when things were simpler
Were school didn't matter
And looks weren't everything,
Were time and distance couldn't separate us.
That place is nothing more than a nightmare
A place I can't go,
A place of dark twisted dreams
That show the truth
A truth I can't yet know,
I won't go,
I shouldn't go,
But I went,
And I came.
I found the truth
But what is truth?
Truth is just lies
Lies upon lies
Lies told throughout time,
Lies told so much
They become truths ,
So what is the truth?
Maybe not,
All I can say is
My truth is my nightmare
My nightmare is my life
My life is my lie
And my lie is you.
Written by
Dylan Chavez
   One4u2nv and Rabbit
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