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Sep 2011
Roses are red
Violets are blue
These words make me sick
When all I think about is you
So, I'll re-write this poem and make it a new
To tell a story all about you

Stunning and gorgeous, beautiful and dear
These people don’t give a **** about you or how you feel
So keep your head up and all will become clear
Soon enough you’ll learn who to keep near

So when your smile fades away
And your heart's all gone
You’ll think about the day
It all went wrong

And you try and just live
But these people bring you down
Tears from your face fall all over the ground
Your eyes glimmer blue, so sad and so true
All you can think about is who?

You’ll sit in your house
And look at the sky
You’ll stare at the stars
And wonder why?

But when stars cross and patterns align
I can tell you that you’re always on my mind
Through thick and thin, and times of fear
I’ll tell you that I’m always here.

So after I left and people came through
I Thought of all the ways that I Miss You
I thought of the summer, and all of the fun
Than wondered if I was staring at a loaded gun

So, when the drugs won’t give
And the lies don’t help,
We’re not just this crush
All ****** up in a rush.

Our hearts will beat
Together to this song
And with the rhythm
Together as one

And the world will spin and twist all around
Waiting for that moment to bring it all around
And hopefully you’ll see
That there's a story inside about you and me

And when it’s all over,
I hope it’s me and you
I’ll sign this letter, “Forever to You.”
Oh, and P.S. I Love You!
Written by
Dylan Chavez
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