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Aug 2015
Reality was bereft
As your head,
Caresses the pillow
A night deft.

As I hear the crickets
Lagging behind, I
With you on the way
To dreamland with a ticket.

Don the Hatter's Hat
In Alice's Wonderland.
As we sip tea
With Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat.

Be large or be small
Eating chocolates
And muffins
Down the rabbit hole.

A carpet of wings
We fly over
The Caspian, The Aegean
To where the Siren sings.

Three headed dog is yours
A gargoyle, mine.
Little pets we walk
Down Tartarus's corridors .

Europe behind, we face
South West
To the land of Mayans
And folk of a mystical race.

We play war chief,
Play in our blue tepee
Flying on the backs
Of eagles as they screech.

You dance around
My fire
Gyrating in that form
Bringing rain down.

Purple Rider
On a wind maned horse
Black One on a
Golden strider.

Barfights and shootouts
Brawls and scuffles
You gained a puffy eye
While I broke my stout.

Seeking a view
We jumped from
Skyscraper to skyscraper
Old and new.

Jumped from hills
Into rivers
Spoke to the wild
For time to ****.

Wary of the time
We take flight
Off the Everest
We just climbed.

Down and down
Into a sea
Coloured silver
Bubbly diamonds all around.

No lack of gas,
You put swimming to the test
Tripped on a rock
A jellyfish attacks!

Boom and Pow
Wham, slam and
A big crunch
Little jellyfish said ow!

Get stuck in traffic
Office hours
We suppose
As the birds swam chaotic.

We're here!
Portal to reality
Now exposed
By now the dream was dear.

Maybe now you can't see
But we will,
The sun rise,
From the bottom of the sea.

So we wait
As the sea turned
Silver to fire
A nice first date.
Arjun Tyagi
Written by
Arjun Tyagi  24/M/New Delhi, India
(24/M/New Delhi, India)   
   Ayesha Khan and Cecil Miller
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