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May 2010
I tried in vain to fill the void with pretty things as these
but my darkness lingers  beyond those old pine trees
my darkness, it does gather within the southern night
and brings to me my heartache within the moons light
I tried in vain to smile my love, and give you pure emotion
but some  of my virginity was lost in that cold ocean
I tried to write a happy song, but sadness got so mad
it said "you are the best friend that hoplessness has had"
I wandered far and near in time, but time was just so cruel
i listened to the silly speach , the constant mindless druel
I am sorry, I cannot be bright and offer cheerful glee
I am tainted torn and bruised, so what you get is me
the dark, it claimed me long ago , so good luck in your quest
If you bring me brightness babe, then I are the best.
You know, this has been a cruel night...taking happiness back to where it belongs--the depths of despair.- From The Dark Faerie Journal
Written by
Sherrie Lee Hurd
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