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Aug 2015
H C = C = O
Formal term for Ketene.
a Colorless gas at Standard Temperature &Pressure; with a sharp irritating odour,
Not much far closer,
from our love, meaningless at Social Technical Policy, boring like an unpaid decoder.
•• ••
O = C = O CO2
•• ••
I was wrong to would've apprehended of Hour Love as carbon dioxide ,
Naturally occuring in time, with two double bonded souls to a single heart.
S = <3 = S , in a lovical formular,
Soul = Heart = Soul.

Or did we undergo Mitosis?
Where we were processed and divided into a sequence of four phases..
Prophase our love appeared tenacious,
Metaphase we lined up portraying our sentiments in the middle of the terrestrial sphere
**** Walther Flemming for creating
Anaphase because that's when we split up
And Telophase made **** sure that we are sealed in different new terra firms

H ...H
...\ /
H ...O - Water
We were like
Water and Oxygen,
Without each other nothing was possible,
because without water we could die.

I Thought Love Was Science,
I think I was Right.
Written by
Siyanda Crypticpoet Buthelezi  Empangeni, South Africa
(Empangeni, South Africa)   
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