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Jul 2015

  Most Americans by now realize that all sales of gasoline go directly to terrorist.  To quote Obama "Isis is 10 times as powerful as any previous terrorist group."  Yet he had the gall to "loan" GM Corp. millions of dollars for the sole purpose of building more gas guzzlers.  Didn't you know what you were doing Bam?  Betcha got Hal stock from ****, didn'tcha.

  Here in Hackensack, most of the members of the Hackensack Police Department own SUV's so that they can look cool in their support of ISIS.  It is not my desire to make anyone look bad.  I just want to bring awareness to what is happening here.  Most politicians received stock in Haliburton (the largest manufacturer of war equipment in the world)
which **** Cheney worked for, for thirty-five years before he was chosen, er, stole the vice-presidency.  And most Americans agree that he should do time.  Yet, Here in Hackensack, the local police department continue to drive gas guzzlers, fully supporting Isis.   Hey!, they stated.  It's our American right to support whatever cause we want.  It's a free country isn't it?

  Eerily still, at the Johnson Public Library (in Hackensack), there is a security guard who wears a full beard resembling a terrorist (talk about putting fear into your readers. This guy makes Stephen King novels look like fancy boys.)   but, I guess it's too late to take action.

  The only thing left to do is save yourselves.  I heard that Canada is a free country.  Maybe I'll move there and not worry about some Mexican who will (crawl through a tunnel that goes underneath a fence that the Donald's mob buddies built to) take my place.
David Ehrgott
Written by
David Ehrgott  EVERYWHERE!
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