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Sep 2011
I am the newborn bobcat
sleeping in my den
I am the call of the raven
piercing the noontide air
I am the wind
blowing through the trees
I am the seedling
nestled in the ground.

I was the rain
falling at the dawn of time
I was a mighty and proud elephant
Crossing the mountains in search of battle
I was a dinosaur
colossal tyrant king
I was the coursing waters
of the once-great flood.

I will be the storms
that will split the sky
I will be the insidious plagues
that will haunt tomorrow
I will be the fire
that will devour lives
And I will be the end of the world
Coming closer and closer.
This poem was inspired by the Druids. To make a long story short, the druids were ancient Celtic priests, and since I'm part Irish and Scottish, I like to think that I'm also part Celtic. The theme is reincarnation.
Andrew Orr
Written by
Andrew Orr
   Mystery Girl and ---
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