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Jun 2015
The mistakes she made
Are like those toys she
Found in the attic. Totally
Forgotten and guilt
Ridden. As soon as she
Looks back at the terrible
Mistakes she made, she
Curses at her childhood.
She admittedly cusses
At her foolishness. She
Hates herself and forgets
It. And then one day
Again, she looks over
Her shoulder, and those
Mistakes made in the
Childhood stare back,
Bold and brazen.
Every folly she wrote
To others when she was
So innocent and naive,
Have come to haunt
Her in the form of
Lingering eyes and
hushed whispers. Oh!
Mistakes are terrible
To make but what she
Learns from them in
The end, is that she
Will never make them
Again, even though
Her chest will suffocate
With the guilt and folly.
Hello! Longest poem ever, I think? These days, spontaneity is my motto. I write poems in one go! It's stranger this poem is very personal so I won't be shocked if I don't get any likes on this one and if I do, then let's just say that you are a genius to figure it out. This poem expresses ME on so many levels and a humongous mistake I made in my childhood. Enjoy..or maybe not.
Avantika Singhal
Written by
Avantika Singhal  India.
   Nicole Dawn
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