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Jun 2015
As I played chess today the thought of love
Went through my head as if meant to be
At first the pawns (the smiles and looks)
Begin the game that now gripped me

Next was my knight (the brave young chap,
That asked if we’d be more than friends)
I’d need the rook (to go straight to the point)
But the knight was helpful for getting round bends

The bishop (in my dreams at least,
Would wed us so we’d never part)
And the queen (most powerful by far)
Would stand beside the king’s strong heart

They all worked as one, but pieces lost
To save the queen, the pawns were slain
(The smiles, gestures all now gone)
Which then began the losing chain

The rooks destroyed (left me indirect)
And soon the knights had even passed
The strength that stayed began to crack
As the bishops killed (showed love had passed)

All that remained were the king and queen
Standing together side-by-side
What was left to be done was a “queen to H5”
And they’d live forever as husband and bride

“The love is all gone” she said as she turned
Hiding her face she said “queen to E8”
The enemy pawn (such an evil old gesture)
Took a quick step forward and announced “checkmate”
It's funny how my dad thought I'd made a mistake when I moved the queen :/
The Black Beast
Written by
The Black Beast  Hertfordshire
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