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Aug 2011
In the land
Of the burning tribe,
Dwelt the worst of evils.
A tribe
Where immorality is moral
And flaming human minds
Can be traced.
Allergic to goodness,
Cancerous to strangers,
Abhorrent to civilization,
Glut with cheating.
Pure hostility
Even at jovial point
And under loving atmosphere.
A tribe
of courtesans
Where adultery is tradition,
And fornication begins at ten
To enhance development,
For healthy living.
A tribe
Of awkward belief
In a path of abstinence to sickness
Curable with *** alone.
Of what descent
Are they?
Too violent to exist
with no regard to life.
Of what mentality?
When playing safe
Is inhuman!
And ******
Of the innocents unborn
Is nothing.
Spreading the virus,
Never afraid to harbour it.
Where is their good side?
Is it unseen or extinct?
If any, β€œ wuese te”.
Written by
Ochiogu Kevin  M
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