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May 2015
I am a passionate person.
I don't do lukewarm or mild,
I don't feel things half way.
I am either 100% or nothing, there is no in between.

Don't get me wrong,
I am logical and level headed...
You know, when I decide to think.
I am capable of rationality.

Just not when it comes to my feelings.

I am a passionate person.
I am not a cool breeze on a Sunday morning.
I am not a flurry of snow on your eyelashes.

I am a storm that's constantly brewing out at sea.
I am a tornado that tears things to pieces.
I am a wildfire that consumes all in its path.

I can be destructive,
but I can also be beautiful.

I am the rainstorm after a drought.
I am the flood that washes away your pain.
I am the bonfire that warms your soul on cold winter nights.

There is fire in my heart and desire in my eyes.
I want to put everything I am into everything I do.

The most painful thing you could do to me
is slowly extinguish my flames...
Is to capture the intensity with which
I adore to live.

I can't do lukewarm.
I can't be with someone who tries to contain all that I am.
I can't watch someone get used to me and take me for granted.

I am a passionate person.
I can't live life any other way...
Not without giving up what makes me exactly who I am.
Kailey Brown
Written by
Kailey Brown
   Lena Nickel
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