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May 2015
A dying sun descends upon the horizon
and a faint northern breeze prowls,
fields of ever-greens and poppies whisper
as in the distance a rogue wolf howls

a lone ray of golden light fades and rises
as the setting sun gradually goes down
and from within the caverns underneath
a shadowy creature ascends without a sound

humanoid in stature, coal dust and sweat
stained upon its soft grimy skin,
it's heart thumps and shudders erratically
from inside a chest concave and bone-thin

it feasts upon the crying eyes of children
and the ******* of pregnant mothers -
such does it become a mother itself
drawing upon the blood of its many unfortunate lovers

oh but she must find a surrogate
she must find a healthy womb
for the climate is harsh, her body hath perished
waters due to break, the contractions to start soon -

alas all the people flee her horrific presence
too weak to chase in her sorry state;
and as the pain rips open her putrid flesh
the trail of blood down her leg tells her it's too late

so she squats and pushes, pushes, pushes -
intense white lights blinding her eyes
she births her offspring dead
and collapses to her knees in a fit of anguished cries

caught unawares by the first ray of dawn
surrounded by her babies, the end hath finally come -

an earth-shattering scream piercing the diminishing night
as mother and children burn beneath the rising sun.
Lexander J
Written by
Lexander J  21/M/Lives In The Shadows
(21/M/Lives In The Shadows)   
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