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May 2015
Isn't life beautiful.
How one minute you're taking off your lovers shirt wondering how you two will make it work.
And the next you wake in some new girls arms and you wonder why your head reminds you of a drum.
Isn't life wonderful.
How one minute you're writing ****** poetry to people who don't know your name.
And the next you have agents reading over your first book deciding whether or not they want your soul.
Isn't it life amazing
How one minute you leave your home to a place where you feel alone.
And the next you realize you feel more at home there than laying in your own bed.
Isn't life exciting.
How one minute you can be madly in love.
And the next you realize that you can't really love someone else until you love yourself.
Life is something.
Isn't it?
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   --- and fdg
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