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May 2015
What a wonderful creature
That have made my world to look like gold in the midst of diamonds
Just like an apple tree among the trees of the forest.
Your hair is beautiful upon your cheeks and falls down along your neck like jewels.
You are like a drove that hides in the crevice of a rock with a lovely face and enchanting voice.
Your eyes are as beautiful as a dove by a flowing brook, which made me to keep running over the mountains,racing across the hills to meet you.
You are as graceful as a palm tree, and your breast are cluster of date.
The curve of your thighs is like the work of an artist, that all women look at you and sing your praise,queens,kings and concubines sing your praise.
Your cheek is as lovely as a garden full of herbs and spices,that your body could hold a king captive.
Your breath is like the fragrance of apples and your mouth is like the finest wine.
Oh my girl
Your love is as powerful as death.
ochuko blaze
Written by
ochuko blaze  nigeria
   unknown, Cecil Miller and SPT
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