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Aug 2011
I know what we have is really quite solid.
But today I convinced myself of an earthquake.

Perhaps it began on screen
Some distant, modern tragedy.

I felt

The gravity
You know the kind
Some feel in a theme park ride

At first

It was a calculated calm
A day in the park
Vision shot through


Bedding me
in **** fixation.

Such is my kaleidoscope to our collective,

When the world turns 'round
those candy colors
dissolve into perfect fractals


Single-file they beam--
pushing out
pop-cultural enemas
like frosting.

And thenβ€” too bright!
A riveting newsflash
the kaleidoscope



We watch
a city as
its body's streets--

see the banner of
blood now runs
down the news anchor's face:

There's been a
catatonic quake.

Interrupting this program
the woman
with a saccharine smile
makes A Devastating Report:

We're all undertow
Evacuate then buy this ****** cream
move and upgrade your resume
The water broke and the oil spilled,
but the economy is definitively
under control.

This puppetry is
sedation by generalized asphixiation,
this American Dream glaring from the T.V. screen
is  mindless work
-our salvation-
Harder work? Isolated suffering.

What with toxic invasion,
designer cantaloupe to nuclear waste,
more storms and third world turnover rates.
Higher and higher inflation,
predatory insurance claims-
minimum wage won't cover my education.

Bloated babies
not on T.V. and not in Africa
but holding Mamma's hand
loitering downtown,
near the grocery chains.

See the quake perpetuate:
These are American hunger pangs.
Occupy for Change.
Written by
     victoria, ---, --- and Sean
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