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Jul 2011
Again life cycles to a clutter, ideas thought through

don't anymore seem as though,

even when expressed aloud and not within.

Maybe they're right,

my ignorance is only withholding wonders

I struggle to actually see.  

Hypocritically, I find importance in self enrichment

and observing from afar.

and yet even from a distance you feel so close.

Is this an evolution or is it just another mutation.

Obscure out of any cultural norm, I resonate

impairing those who hear my words.

This constant metamorphosis has left me staring in the mirror for

hours, searching for the presence of my subjected  form.


while I peer into the interworkings of my reflection

to observe what I actually see...

With all truth, it holds a boy,

an awkwardly timid boy.

Insecurely gazing back into the pupils

of his reality.

He's bellowing inside his

submerged mind.

Subconsciously Blurting:

"Do not turn back,  

their are cyclones that await.

And all that is required

to overcome this task

is to go forth without

pondering times long gone...

So here I am, engaulphed

in tidal winds.

I must break loose;

grow, starting from

Gabriel A Ramirez
Written by
Gabriel A Ramirez  ca
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