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Jul 2011
As the waves lull you to sleep
A sudden noise raises you but of your dreams
And then you spot a breaching whale
that feels you with aspiration
The waves lapping at your boat making
a rhythm that is music to your ears
The saltiness in the air making your lips chapped
The wind whipped all around you
Making a thundering sounds on your sails
The sound of the ocean brings tears to your eyes
How could something so peaceful and tranquil be full of music
Donning scuba gear you prepare to swim with the fishes
But once down there nothing prepares you for what you see
The ocean is so blue and then so green at the same time
A sight that takes your breath away
Time lapse while you're swimming this colorful world
Seeing many beautiful creatures in their truest form
Then to your left you see what you've never thought you would be able to see
Two dolphins and a baby swimming behind a school of fishes
You experience what people only dream about complete serenity

Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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