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Apr 2015
Have you ever stopped to wonder at the trees, or look up at the clouds with awe, or just think about the world? Sometime, I bet you have, when you were a child.
As children, we marvel at everything in the world.
Everything's amazing.
You know, children are right. Everything is amazing.
Look around you. everyone here had a one in a million, million, million chance of existing, yet they do. One in a number too big to count to in a million lifetimes, and yet you all exist. Think of the world, now. Every part of it, the trees, the grass, every particle of water and  air, had a one in an amazingly high number chance of existing. Combine, the odds of this world existing the way it does is nearly impossible.
When you believe you aren't special, remember. Look around and remember you had a one in a million million million shot of existing. But you do.
Maybe, just once a day, stop. Look around you, and remember.
Remember everything here faced nearly impossible odds, and yet it's here
Maybe, next time you face impossible odds, you'll remember: you already have done the impossible
You exist.
Written by
Thunderstorm  Alone and frightened
(Alone and frightened)   
   --- and Creep
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