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Jul 2011
Jumping from bed to bed
like a thief in the night
A real charmer talking his way in and out of tight situations
Doing whatever he please with no real consequence
A true ladies man
Bedroom eyes that will have any women
try hard to look away to no avail
Strong physique that glistens with sweat as he works
He has a way with words that makes your body tingle with each syllable
Hands thats rough enough for labor and built for power
but gentle enough to caress your soft subtle skin
When he walks in the room he commands attention
His bowlegged frame makes you take notice his swagger
Simple dressed no fancy trimmings just straight up pure man
Something hard to ignore
Its a challenge to stay away from him
Easing his way to a women's heart
With his smooth talk and boyish charm
His soft lips are intoxicating make you follow his every word in a trance
Head and face trimmed to accentuate his gorgeous features
Nails clean and cut neatly
Clean cut and neat in every word
Women draw to him like flies
What ever he does to them
treat 'em sweet or rough
They keep coming back for more

Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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