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Mar 2015
“Baa”, Bylon fell into a soft woolen sigh
Hoping a bright star would cross the great sky
For these now were the long nights of the year
And to miss her nightly wish was her humble fear
To be safe and keep healthy, and also from harm
Was a wish she’d kept constant for those on the farm
But tonight the stars set still in their twinkling
And for hope of a change, Bylon had just an inkling
Zion, the lion had sprung from the sun
Come out of the union with the infinite One
Born of fire, his desire was to teach what he’d learned
From inside the live spirit, whereas he had burned
For more knowledge, more wisdom and that in between
From experiences he foresaw and those he had seen
His fiery launch propelled him to the planet of life
Where he wished to release at least one lamb from strife
Her eyes, they met the fire from afar
Happy at last to see her shooting star
She knew she had waited for this night to come
And as it drew nearer, she became numb
It was brighter than any she’d seen before
A brilliant blue-violet emerged from its core
Larger in size it grew as it approached
A ball of flames and sparks burst when our sky it touched
With this fiery display, Bylon’s mouth was agape
Gasping in awe with the flames taking shape
They formed a large head atop a four-legged frame
As she noticed its tail, she heard “Zion’s my name
I will not harm you, please trust me”, he demanded
“As you can see, I’ve not burned where I’ve landed
Your fleece won’t catch fire, for the flames are illusion
Made of pure light to aid my propulsion”
Bylon’s fear soon faded from Zion’s assurance
Yet still was amazed by the recent occurrence
She managed to mumble some sort of a greeting
She admitted “I’m humbled by this fantastic meeting
Your majestic appearance has built my suspense
I imagine your purpose here is just as intense”
Zion now brightened with his chance to speak
“My Father was right, you’re incredibly meek
Of course all that he says is always the truth
And I’m happy he sent me in the prime of your youth
For the task he set forth for me to present
Is much more marvelous than my display of descent
You have been chosen to journey the planets within
This system of orbs where they do more than spin”
“Their attitudes differ as like the animals here
And the attributes they share most subtly appear
In fact as we pass the atmosphere here and now…”
“We’re already in outer space!” She exclaimed “Wow!”
“We’ve decided on lady’s first, my Father and I
So off to the planet Venus you and I will fly”
As they glided through space guided by a blue-greenish glow,
Bylon’s expression inside began to surface and grow
She smiled with glee, her eyes wide with surprise
Zion glowed even greater when he caught a glimpse of her eyes
A look of sadness and welled up tears of bliss
And sooner than she’d thought, they’d come to Venus
Bylon began to sense a magnificent pleasance
As they crossed over into the planet’s comfortable essence
A complete warming comfort caused her to tingle inside
While fearlessly floating in a free-falling glide
The two of them softly landed on billowing gas
A substance that sustained as planetary mass
It swirled around and soon started to whisper
She spoke “I am Venus, please feel at home here”
And Bylon did, as Zion knew she would
For the surrounding energy was only good
The voice of Venus was like the song of a bird
The most beautiful sound Bylon had ever heard
She assured them they were welcome as long as they were there
And soon she bid farewell to the pair
They departed and felt at ease with the journey
They were traveling now to Mercury for learning
For he was the most educated of the bunch
And they’d arrived there with precise timing for lunch
Mercury was prepared and shared with them food
For to do any different would have made him feel rude
The food was served warm as was his generous banter
When he played music and sang, he was the enchanter
His charm was abundant, and his knowledge was great
They had learned much in the time to clear a plate
Feeling mentally full and digestively fit
Restlessness set in, causing inability to sit
Bylon expressed how gracious this time had been
Zion agreed, sharing Bylon’s ear-to-ear grin
Mercury gave his regards and bid them a safe and swift trip
“Hope you catch Mars in a good mood” was his departing tip
Zion assured Bylon there was no cause for worry
And with a flash, off to Mars, all around becoming blurry
When they came closer to the red planet of war
There could be heard a loud noise, as if the sky had just tore
A rippling resonance was felt as they still flew through space
There was a fierce storm brewing at a marvelous pace
Dense and coarse clouds of sand swirled around on the ground
Flying rock and ferocious flurries created a deafening sound
It was frightening, Bylon voiced, to see such a display
Zion assured her, “This turmoil is his only way
To express his frustrations and fears open and free
And release the pressure that he harbors beneath
For Mars is the protector of the bodies in this system
As a passionate warrior, he‘s proud to assist them
There’s a spot we can land in the eye of the storm
As we touch down there you may feel quite warm”
With a turbulent landing, Bylon felt less at ease
The storm’s cyclonic friction added several degrees
Enough to make the usually cold planet quite hot
For this size of a storm, though, this seemed a safe spot
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” bellowed the red planet
Mars strives for the best measure, just as he planned it
“We come with peaceful intent”, Zion now pleaded
“I’m curious to know your discontent” Bylon bleated
“Are you actually worried about being attacked?”
“This is more than protection, as a matter of fact.”
“This is how I display my deepest passions”
“Through my physical aggressive actions”
“If challenged, I keep intact my defenses”
“This seems to hone my other present senses”
“Interesting,” spoke Bylon “you are quite frank.”
“For your honesty and candor I do thank”
Zion added “It’s nice that we can feel safe here”
“In the midst of this, and yet free from fear”
“Regardless, we should probably be on our way”
“It has been nice here after all” Bylon began to say
Mars bade them farewell, and let up on the storms
His personality seemed to surface in so many forms
Bylon, feeling anxious about meeting another
“Let’s visit Jupiter, the next planetary brother”
“His large size is quite impressive to me” said she
“Plus I’ve heard good things of his philosophy”
Zion added “it is true, he has quite a broad-mind”
“His nature towards others I find to be kind”
The moons of Jupiter alone were amazing
Bylon thought, as she found herself gazing
Io, Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa were just four
Further observance spotted evidence of even more
Upon arrival Jupiter provided a most jovial welcome
“I’m happy to see you made it this far” he tells them
Zion filled him in of how well it had been going
“Although I’m sure you will end up knowing,”
“Due to your extensive knowledge of this system”
“Without such data it would be hard to assist them”
“This is true” acknowledged Jupiter, “of their history, how”
“It relates to all that is to come and what is here now”
“For the cycles that encompass our existence in space”
“Help us observe the rhythm behind their embrace”
“We’ve seen comets return, and their hint of a path”
“With which we calculate through the precision of math”
“And in turn this must give you a broader perspective”
Bylon spoke thoughtfully “It must keep you most active”
“Keeping tabs on this wildly diverse planetary tribe”
“And in this you must take quite a bit of pride”
“I try to be a modest giant in their midst” Jupiter said
“Not wanting any of them to think I have a big head”
Zion thought the large planet to be very admirable
To speak of his great role and still remain humble
Thanking generous Jupiter for his cheery disposition
The gracious lion reminded Bylon of their mission
As Bylon gratefully extended a reluctant goodbye
Zion launched them up and through Jupiter’s sky
In a twist, a turn and the faintest flicker of his tail
The two now eyed a course for Saturn and set sail
Bylon was suddenly amazed by the sight before her
Brilliantly colored rings that beckoned any explorer
Zion explained to her the protection she’d been granted
From the hot and cold planets on which they’d landed
He also noted that with Saturn it would differ slightly
As his coldness was from inside a place locked tightly
For Saturn was the most reserved of all planets known
But from his wisdom we all have greatly grown
He patiently ponders many mysteries from within
Giving the necessary thought through meditation
“I have been expecting you”, Saturn gravely claimed
“It’s nice of you to come on the day that was named”
“After an old Italian corn god who once had a week”
“Revered in his honor for which I no longer seek”
“So for all of God’s purposes I accept my position”
“Ancient insight bestowed through introspective vision”
“And yet, like most times, I want to be alone”
“So I’ll send you two on the way you are going”
From the rings surrounding they took their flight
To the planet known for the system’s darker side
This would be Uranus, who behaved a bit odd
Erratic was his usual behavior, more often than not
(unfinished ballad)
This is an unfinished work I started in '99 & have not yet brought myself to finish.
Diego Cocinero
Written by
Diego Cocinero  China
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