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Mar 2015
what death screeching and incomparable will possess our feral skies bursting fissured eyes in stygian oceans of sound

what hell pharaonic and incestuous will enwomb us pyrophorically screeching into the crepuscular welkin

plutus' now plutonian name is laid out before us in the amaranthine caverns of a conflagrant mind

a resignation to wallow in the acrimonious sea of the harsh torrent of life perpetually thrashing in retrogression through the stinging rain

as shadows splatter in atramentous mirth gaily dancing in the shimmering waters of a decrepit planet poisoning itself

an oasis of debauchery grotesque agony crying through its darkened halls that screams out for liberty
Aléxandros Goré
Written by
Aléxandros Goré
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