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Jun 2011
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
She thought she had the upper hand
But fate got in the way
And the lion had nothing to say
So they began a lfie together
Determined to last forever
For their love was stronger than you would believe
So intense it almost decieves
But the lion couldn't overcome
All the obstacles to be with the one
He left the lamb with tears in her eyes
And wouldn't return despite her tries
Now the lamb couldn't comprehend
Why the lion wouldn't spend
A life time with her by his side
**** the lion and his stupid pride
But the lion soon came to regret
The fact that he could ever let
His precious lamb get away
And now the lion knew what to say
He needed his lamb and needed her bad
See he missed the love that they had
But the lamb did not forgive
All that the lion did
But she loved her lion, she couldn't deny
Even if she couldn't explain why
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
Stupid lion, stupid lamb
Marina Gomez
Written by
Marina Gomez
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